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Fantasy Illustrated

Rose City Virtual Book Fair

Greetings and welcome to our virtual book fair miscellaneous consisting of selections which we have never put on our website or anywhere on the internet. Here you will find our freshest stock ranging over many different genres of collecting; pulp magazines, Arkham House, science fiction first editions including presentation copies, illustrated books, Pin-up and comic art. Almost something for everyone. You will find gems such as two signed Edger Rice Burroughs books, a signed Ursula K. Le Guinn and an ultra-rare signed association copy of A Canticle for Leibowitz by the reclusive Walter M. Miller, Jr. In addition to our specialties this list also offers 1st editions by Hemingway, Houdini, Thomas Pynchon, Hunter S. Thompson and others. For almost two thousand other items please check out our web site at  Thanks for looking. Best, Dave Smith     


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