Fantasy Illustrated has issued 30 catalogues in the past and will be releasing a Pulp fiction catalogue in late 2010 or early 2011. Please write us with your physical mailing address to be put on our list to receive one.

Collection Development


Advanced collector? Buying your first pulp magazine? We can help. With over an estimated 55,000 different pulps published, deciding what to buy can be daunting. Use our 40 years of experience in the paper collectibles field to put together a collection that you can be proud of. The advice and information we can share may just help you from making costly mistakes in putting together your collection. Whether complete title runs or selective issues based on a number of various factors, we are please to help you put together a collection to suit your particular needs. 
Libraries – We offer net 30 on receipt of your purchase order. We will be happy to help you find the research material you need for your pulp fiction collection.



Written valuations can be undertaken for insurance or probate or for personal interest. We can value a single book or a whole library. Fees for valuation work are charged at an hourly rate and estimates can be furnished in advance. Please contact us for more details.